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    Groomit Benefits

  • Instant Booking
  • Seamless In-App Payment Process
  • Convenient & Stress-Free Environment
  • Premium Pet Insurance
  • Communication Throughout Grooming
  • Eliminates Inconvenience of Pick up & Drop off
  • No Cage Drying
  • No Car Sickness/Travel
  • Certified Groomers
  • Natural & Non-Toxic supplies used
Stress free dog grooming

Hands on Experience

Personalized individual attention is given to each pet and expert care from our groomers throughout the grooming process. Pet Parents are able to constantly communicate and observe with professionals throughout the appointment.

Groomit Pet grooming Limited Exposure

Limited Exposure

Groomers will arrive at your time and location. This will eliminate the need for commuting to salons and pet shops. Allowing for a grooming service with minimal contact (especially in times of COVID).

Groomit Familiar Environment

Familiar Environment

Pets are subject to feel less anxious and stressed in the familiar environment of their home. Creating a better experience for both pet owners and their pets during a grooming session.

Time Saver dog grooming

Time Saver

The mobile groomer will arrive near your home and get your pet groomed in their professionally equipped vans. This will eliminate the time spent commuting in traffic to a local grooming salon

Groomit Pet grooming No Hassle

No Hassle

The van will be equipped with all the necessities for grooming. This will remove the need of you having to prepare by providing towels and a water supply for pet grooming.

Comfortable Experience

Comfortable Experience

Pets will be groomed in a one to one service with a comfortable and climate controlled environment. Creating a stress and anxiety free experience for the pet.

Groomit affordable price
ECO Package

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Affordable Price

Groomit mobile van

Book in advance Eco Package & Save
Haircut & Bath Included

Starting at $116

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