Groomit is responsible for providing our customers with high-quality groomers. However it is possible that pets do not get along with certain groomers, If the groomer arrives at your location and the pet is seen as non-groomable you will be fully charged for the appointment due to the groomer’s loss of time in which they could have scheduled another appointment.

Aggressive Pets

Safety of the pet & groomer is our top priority however there is a chance of either getting harmed. Should your pet display aggressive behavior towards our groomers, we will make all attempts to finish grooming your pet to the best of our ability. However, you should take into consideration that grooming a pet with aggressive behavior may not have the same quality as a pet with better cooperation.


Eco package - You are subject to pay full for the appointment after a groomer is assigned.
Gold and Silver Package - Customers have until 6 pm the day before the appointment to cancel or they will be refunded 50% of the appointment cost. Same day booking and cancelation will also be a 50% refund only after the groomer is assigned, while rescheduling would be a 75% refund.

We Value our Customers

We Value the time our customers dedicate to getting their pet groomed and booking with our professional groomers.

Groomer Lateness

It is the company’s responsibility to provide customers with a high-quality experience. This includes groomers being on time for their appointment. If groomers are late for their appointment customers will be notified about delays and customers are not satisfied, customers will be able to reach out about their concerns after their appointment is complete.

Quality of Our Groomers

Groomit values the high-quality groomers that we provide to our customers. Our groomers are prepared to accommodate any of our customer’s requests and are trained to ensure the best possible grooming for your pet. Along with grooming, our company enforces basic etiquettes that should be followed during each appointment in order to create a comfortable environment for both the groomer and the pet.$1 from every pet grooming to local pet charities.

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