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Our services are now in the great city of Connecticut!

Groomit is the first on-demand platform for connecting pet owners and pet groomers via a web and mobile application.
We are the Uber for pet grooming.
We are seeking additional veterinarians to join our advisory board and invest $10K-$50K into our company. Veterinarians can also invest using a 401K/IRA which you can do without a tax penalty. We are also seeking Veterinarians to refer their pets to our service to improve their quality of life.
Groomit is a public benefit corporation whose social mission is to “Make dog grooming convenient, affordable, and accessible to every pet.” Dog grooming does not only make dogs look beautiful, but it is necessary to keep them healthy.
Groomit is a socially responsible company that also donates $1 from every pet grooming to local pet charities.

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What is Groomit?

As our client list continues to grow rapidly we need more hands to help take care of all of our clients.

Groomit is the first mobile platform connecting pet owners and groomers.

Our groomers are selected through Groomit's proprietary vetting system while being fully insured and trained.

We only use all natural products while providing a low stress and comfortable grooming experience.

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