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A Necessary and Sometimes Tough Process

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Matted Fur explained

What does it means?

Matted pets refer to animals, typically cats and dogs, whose fur has become tangled and knotted into mats. Mats can occur when the fur is not properly groomed or brushed, leading to the hair becoming tangled and forming clumps. This can be particularly problematic for long-haired pets, as their fur can become easily tangled and difficult to manage.

Matted fur can be uncomfortable for pets, as it can pull on their skin and cause irritation or even skin infections. It can also make it difficult for them to move freely and can be a breeding ground for pests like fleas and ticks.

Regular grooming and brushing can help prevent matting in pets. If your pet already has mats, it is important to have them professionally groomed or to carefully remove the mats with a comb or scissors, being careful not to cut the pet's skin. In severe cases, it may be necessary to have the pet's fur shaved or trimmed by a professional groomer or veterinarian.

Dealing with minor tangles and knots

Minor tangles can be removed at home

In such cases, you should first attempt to brush out the tangles. Cutting them away can be dangerous and should be left to an expert.

First things first, don’t bathe your dog or cat until the tangles are dealt with. The water will only serve to tighten the knots further. Instead, use an appropriate detangler spray.

To brush out mats in the safest and least painful way possible, hold the fur closest to the skin underneath the tangle. From there, start at the end of the tangle and work your way up.

This can help prevent any pulling on the skin.

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Why de-matting costs more?

Why pay extra if the groomer is going to shave it anyway

A matted dog requires patience, caution, and exceptional skills, as it is potentially easy to accidentally cut a pet with nods to the skin. It is also painful for the dog, which makes the job even more complicated, as sometimes they get aggressive.

Brushing and regular care of your dog is something we always recommend to avoid getting your pet matted, so it's something the pet owner can prevent.

Dematted pets take much more work than a pet that is not matted. That is why there is an extra charge for these cases.

The groomers must consider the time loss and the money spent on tools; in most cases, once a matted pet is shaved-down, the blades must be trashed. Equipment maintenance is essential and costs money.

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When it's best to shave the fur?

Matted fur is painful for the pet

Many think this to be an extreme course of action; it’s only a few knots, right? Why not just trim them off?

Unfortunately, in some cases, this is much too dangerous to do. Large knots that are close to the skin are hard to snip off safely and pulling on them causes a great deal of pain.

Shaving the affected area of the coat is the safest and least painful way of dealing with such cases. It also comes with the benefit that it will reveal any skin issues, which can be likely in areas that were previously matted.

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Preventing Mats from Forming

The best way to deal with mats is to prevent them from forming.

You can do this by taking care of your pet’s coat proactively, always making sure to give them a good brush over before they end up in a matted condition.

Keep in mind that every breed of cat or dog needs varying amounts of grooming to keep them maintained. A Poodle, for example, is going to require a lot more daily work than a short haired Pug.

We at Groomit are here to help you keep on top of grooming. Having them looked at by a professional regularly can be a great way of keeping them looking great and helping them stay healthy.